Treatments of acute cystitis in TCM

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The pathology changes of acute cystitis

Acute cystitis is caused by bacteria infection, most of the case, escherichia coli is the malgenic one. Because of short urethra, the incidence of female cystitis is higher than male`s. the main part of pathology transformation of acute cystitis is the trigone of urinary bladder. From the observation of specialized equipment, there are some symptoms existed in the trigone of urinary bladder, such as mucosa edema, desquamating of mucosa, distinctly ectasy of blood capillary. Because the inflammations will stimulate mucosa and make mucosa haematose and dropsical, and the color of mucosa would be carmine. Actually, the substratum of mucosa exists multiple and punctuate bleeding, congestion or ulcer. Moreover, pus fluid and necrotic tissues may stick to the surface of mucosa. 


The symptoms of acute cystitis

Generally speaking, the course of acute cystitis is 1-2 weeks. And after this period, the symptoms will fade automatically or after receiving treatments. The basic symptoms of acute cystitis are frequency of urinatior, odynuria and urgent urination. Actually, patients may urinate several minutes at a time, and only have little urinary production. What`s worse, patients will feel ache of abdomen after emiction. From the term of urine, it is epinephelos and sometimes contains pus fluid and blood. The part above pubis would have slight pain or ache of waist. 


The assay of acute cystitis

In fact, the main part of the assay is the urine examination; the urine would contain pus corpuscules and red blood corpuscles. If the urine bacteria quantity has exceeded 100 thousand in every ml, doctor will make the diagnoses definitely. That the performance of increasing of leucocytes in blood. 


Treatments of acute cystitis in TCM

Base on the traits of acute cystitis— quick morbidity and serious symptoms, state of acute cystitis will be controlled in a very short time by applying TCM treatments. The TCM recipe can kill bacteria and viruses quickly and clear heat and detoxify toxin. Cooperate with “diuresis and strangurtia treating drug”, “heat-clearing and detoxifying drug” can eliminate irritative symptoms of bladder; in the same way, add with “invigorating blood circulation and eliminating stasis drug”, these three drugs can alleviate abdomen pain and the pathology changes caused by inflammation stimulation. After 3-10 days of treatments, acute cystitis will be healed.