Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Has Positive Effects on Treating UTIs

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Urinary tract infection(UTI) refers to the inflammation of the urinary tract caused by pathogens invading the mucosa or tissue of the urinary tract. A single bacterium causes more than 95% of UTIs. Various bacterial infections are found in indwelling catheters, neurogenic bladder, stones, congenital malformations, and vaginal, intestinal, and urethral fistulas. Cause cystitis, acute pyelonephritis, chronic pyelonephritis, and atypical urinary tract infection. 

The main manifestations are acute abdominal pain, gastrointestinal dysfunction, hematuria, mild fever, and low back pain. Urine routine examination showed a significant increase in white or red blood cells.
Due to the particular reason for the short urethra of women, the urethra of female friends is more susceptible to infection, which seriously threatens women's health. Urinary tract infection is a common disease of the urinary system. According to the clinical manifestations, the disease belongs to the "splash syndrome" category in traditional Chinese medicine. It is reported that 20% of women have experienced a UTI in their lifetime, and more than 6% of women have a UTI episode per year.
Urinary tract infection is a common clinical infectious disease, and the treatment should focus on clearing heat, removing dampness, detoxifying, and clearing stranguria. For patients with chronic urinary tract infection, it is mainly caused by kidney deficiency, so the primary purpose is to invigorate Qi and kidney and help to clear away heat.
In addition to inhibiting pathogenic microorganisms, traditional Chinese medicine treatment can also achieve the purpose of curing diseases by clearing dampness and heat and improving human immunity.
In addition to inhibiting pathogenic microorganisms, traditional Chinese medicine treatment can also achieve the purpose of curing diseases by clearing dampness and heat and improving human immunity.
Urinary tract infection is an inflammation caused by a bacterial infection of the urinary system. If not treated in time, it is easy to cause kidney disease. Therefore, early treatment is essential once suffering from a urinary tract infection. However, traditional Chinese medicine is the most suitable treatment for urinary tract infections.
So, how do patients treat urinary tract infections through traditional Chinese medicine? You might as well try the following traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, which have a magical effect on treating urinary tract infections.
1. Purslane Brown Sugar Drink
First, the patient must go to the pharmacy to buy 200g of purslane and go to the store to buy 100g of brown sugar. Then, they evenly mixed the purslane and brown sugar, poured it into the casserole, added an appropriate amount of water, and left it for half a day. Finally, they need to heat the casserole, boil it for about 4 hours, and pour it out for later use. The decoction can be divided into five parts, take one piece every day, and take it for five days to see the effect.
2. Climbing Groundsel and Eucalyptus Leaf Soup
First, the patient must prepare 50g of climbing groundsel in advance and about 80 pieces of eucalyptus leaves. Then, divide the eucalyptus leaves into three equal spares. Finally, decoct climbing groundsel with water, and put a portion of eucalyptus leaves every hour. The boiled climbing groundsel and eucalyptus leaf soup can be divided into six equal parts, and each time you take one piece and drink it twice a day, the effect will be seen after three days.
3. Dianthus Superbus and Gardenia Soup
The patient needs to mix 15g each of dianthus superbus and Gardenia, 10g each of dianthus superbus and Mutong, 6g each of plantain, talcum licorice, and 3g each of macaroni and rhubarb, and put them into a casserole. Inside, add water to make soup. Finally, they need to remove the dregs of the decoction and get the juice to drink.
To facilitate treatment, patients can also directly use Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has the effects of diuresis, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat, and detoxifying. This drug has the effect of killing bacteria and viruses. It has a good therapeutic effect on urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, low back pain, and pyuria caused by urinary tract infection.
Whether using traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine, it should be treated in time to prevent other complications.
During treatment, patients need to drink more water and urinate frequently. The flushing action of a large amount of urine can remove part of the bacteria. They need to avoid nervousness and avoid overly greasy and irritating foods. They also need always to pay attention to the cleanliness of the genitals to prevent bacteria from the urethra entering the urinary tract and re-causing urinary tract infections.
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