The patient with chlamydia for 3 years has been cured with TCM treatment

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Name: Mr. Yin
Gender: Male
Age: 40 years old
Treating time: 2008.11
Chief complaint: The patient has repeated urinary frequency and urgency for 3 years, and the symptoms aggravated a week ago. 
Medical history: 3 years ago, Mr.Yin had frequency and urgency with no obvious incentive. Then he went to the local hospital for treatment, found to have chlamydia positive. He was diagnosed as "chlamydia infection," so he took the anti-infective therapy (specific medication and treatment are unknown) to eliminate the symptoms, but failed. Then, during the three years, he had recurrent urinary frequency and urgency symptoms, a sense of the past week symptoms, and these symptoms aggravated a week ago. So he found the Wuhan Dr.Lee's TCM clinic to take the treatment. 
Western medicine diagnosis: Chlamydia infection
TCM diagnosis: stranguria syndrome
Auxiliary examination: Chlamydia culture
Treating course: Three-month treatment with diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill
Treating process:
The symptoms like frequency and urgency has been relieved, and he felt great improvements during the treatment. Considering the chlamydia is also positive, so he took another month diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. And Dr.Lee told him to seek help if he felt discomforts. 
Mr.Yin had no obvious frequency and urgency, only has mild urine discomforts. So he continued to take one month diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to radically eliminate the symptoms. And Dr. Lee told him to review the chlamydia test after finishing the treatment. 
Mr. Yin had no obvious urinary frequency and urgency. So he went to the local hospital to review, finding that his chlamydia negative.He was healed with the TCM treatment. and Dr. Lee asked him to pay attention to personal hygiene to avoid re-infection.