2 Years Chlamydia Cured Completely By Herbal Medicine

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Name: Mr. Hard
Gender: Male
Age: 35 years old
Chief statement: pain and burning sensation when urinating; discharge from the tip of the penis
Medical history: Mr. Hard felt pain and burning when urinating, he went to a doctor to have a diagnosis. The examination result showed ha has Chlamydia positive and diagnosed with Chlamydia infection. Doctor prescribed one course of levofloxacin to him. The symptom disappeared before he finished the whole course so he stopped taking the medicine. However, he found discharge from the tip of his penis a week later. Then he continue taking the rest of the medicine. But it didn’t work. He went to the doctor again and had one more test. It showed that his Chlamydia come back. He needed to take a different antibiotic. Unluckily, the infection couldn’t be cured completely.

Western diagnosis: Chlamydia infection
Consulting time: 2016.7
Treating course: Three-month medication with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

Pain and burning sensation during urination was alleviated a little, but there was still discharge from the tip of the penis. So he continued taking this pill and keep to the dietary requirements.

2016. 9
The symptoms of pain and burning when urinating almost disappeared. And there was no discharge from the tip of the penis except some discomfort sometimes. Dr. Lee asked him to take one more medication to have a good recovery.

All symptoms cured completely. After taking some checkups in local hospital, the result showed negative. The infection was cured radically. In order to prevent the relapse, Dr. Lee suggested him attaching more importance to his daily diet.