Why Do I Have Sagging Testicles?

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The feeling of sagging testicles is sometimes a normal physiological phenomenon. The scrotum expands due to heat and contracts due to cold. When the weather becomes hot or clothes are too thick or hot, the testicles will be loose and sag. When the weather becomes cold, or the clothes are light enough, they will shrink and become smaller. Therefore, testicular sagging is considered a normal physiological phenomenon if there is no other discomfort.


Some men masturbate frequently and excessively, which can also lead to chronic aseptic inflammation in the reproductive system, leading to a feeling of sagging.


However, if there is a strong sense of sagging, discomfort, or pain in the testicles, this may be related to diseases. The following conditions may cause a feeling of testicular sagging.

1. Orchitis: Men with orchitis will suffer from abnormal testicular sagging. Through examinations, it can be found that the skin of the testicles is red and enlarged, the testicles are sagging, and there is apparent tenderness of the testicles.


2. Varicocele: Men with varicocele may also have abnormal sagging testicles. Other symptoms include swelling of the affected side of the scrotum, the feeling of bearing down in local areas, and pain, which is aggravated after overworking and prolonged standing. Symptoms will be alleviated or disappear after lying flat for rest.


3. Prostatitis: Men with prostatitis may also experience abnormal sagging testicles. Other symptoms include frequent urination, painful urination, and other symptoms.


4. Testicular hydrocele: If there is hydrocele in the testicles, under the action of the accumulation, it can cause sagging testicles.


5. Hernia. Hernia in the groin falling into the scrotum can cause an increase in testicular temperature. Usually, the testicular may face downward, causing discomfort, such as pulling, sagging, and swelling. When touched by hand, it may be noticed that there are substances, such as intestines, inside the scrotum.


If there is a sense of sagging testicles, you should first go to the urology department or the andrology department of the hospital. Through a testicular ultrasound, the doctor may accurately know the causes of the disease and the specific degree of the disease, and then symptomatic treatments will be provided according to the actual situation.


For the feeling of testicular sagging caused by prostatitis and orchitis, men can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. With broad-spectrum antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills can treat male urogenital system diseases, including prostatitis and orchitis, thereby alleviating the sensation of testicular sagging.


Warm water sitz baths, hot compresses on the testicles with a towel, or massages on the testicles with your hands can promote blood circulation, alleviate pain, and promote the faster disappearance of local inflammatory substances also very helpful for the recovery of the condition.


Placing a towel roll or cotton pad in your underwear to lift your testicles can also alleviate the feeling of testicular sagging and relieve swelling and pain to a certain extent. You can also wear scrotum pouch underwear to lift your testicles to prevent the scrotum from sagging and pulling the veins, aggravating varicosity to alleviate the pain of falling and swelling. The mesh pouch has better heat dissipation and breathability, which can avoid high temperature and humidity in the scrotum.


During the treatment, patients should not stand for long periods, engage in strenuous exercises, and drive or ride bicycles frequently, as those movements can also lead to more severe pain. In addition, it is also essential to maintain a light dietary habit, avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods, smoking and drink alcohol, coffee, strong tea, or carbonated beverages. Otherwise, it may have a particular impact on the condition recovery.

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