How to deal with acute epididymitis?

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The epididymis is a long and twisted tube, located above and behind each testicle. It collects and stores sperm before ejaculation made by the testicles. Inflammation and infection of the epididymis is called epididymitis.

Patients with scrotal pain or testicular pain require immediate examination in order to identify and quickly treat potential cases of testicular torsion. Although most cases of torsion occur in patients aged 12-18 years, testicular torsion should be considered in any patient aged 12-30 years who presents with a scrotal complaint. Obtain immediate urologic consultation if unable to clearly differentiate testicular torsion from epididymitis or other scrotal pathology.

Acute epididymitis is treated with antibiotic therapy, analgesics for pain control, and supportive care, which includes scrotal elevation and support, application of an ice pack, and, in some cases, spermatic cord block.Commonly, the disease can be cured within one to two weeks. However, if left it untreated or if the treatment is not timely, the acute epididymitis can develop into a chronic one. Under this situation, the methods mentioned may take no effect.

Recently, a new medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has proven to have good curative effect on curing this disease. This patented medicine is made from herbs so it will do no harm to the body. The herbs in the pill have the functions of clearing away heat and toxins, promoting the circulation of blood and qi, eliminating the inflammation and pain. With the comprehensive functions, the root of the disease can be cured radically. It’s an efficient treatment for chronic epididymitis.

Acute epididymitis occurs suddenly, so the timely treatment is urgently needed. It’s not wise to ignore the symptoms. Since the delayed treatment can cause further damages to the body, you must attach importance to the treatment.