Why Does Chronic Prostatitis Cause Psychoneurosis?

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According to the survey, the probability of mental disorders in patients with chronic prostatitis is significantly higher than that in healthy men. Most scholars think that more than 80% of the patients with chronic prostatitis will have some mental and psychological problems, of which 20% - 50% may be very serious.

The survey found that 51.1% ~ 84.3% of chronic prostatitis patients showed somatization, anxiety, phobia, psychosis-like symptoms and depression. Some scholars evaluated the Hamilton Depression Scale of chronic prostatitis patients and found that 33.2% of them had different degrees of anxiety and depression, and 6.2% of them even had a suicidal tendency.
Many investigations and a large number of clinical practice have proved that many chronic prostatitis patients have obvious changes in mental and psychological symptoms and personality characteristics.
About 24% of the patients had different degrees of anxiety, and 22% of the patients had depression. The main manifestations of depression are negative emotion, slow thinking, reduced language, and slow movement.
Before this, patients often have insomnia, fatigue, loss of appetite, low-efficiency performance. And anxiety will make patients have no reason for fear and mental tension, as well as no reason for palpitation, palpitation, chest distress, muscle tension, and even pain.
It should be noted that chronic prostatitis may cause anxiety and depression at the same time, making the symptoms more complex. And these psychological discomforts, in turn, will aggravate the symptoms of chronic prostatitis in a variety of ways.
At present, some patients with chronic prostatitis are thought to be related to mental factors, while some patients with chronic prostatitis are directly related to their mental and psychological disorders after long-term treatment. This problem is fully illustrated by the good clinical effect of the clinicians through the use of placebo or antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs to treat these patients.

Although there are many reasons for the mental and psychological symptoms of the patients with chronic prostatitis, from a certain point of view, the energy and economic losses suffered by the patients in the process of seeking medical treatment are the objective reasons for the change of mental and psychological system.
It includes many medical factors, especially the propaganda and education of the doctors in the hospital who violate the science, exaggerate the harm of the disease, and excessive treatment is an important factor to cause emotional injury and mental symptoms.
Therefore, the harm of iatrogenic factors to patients with chronic prostatitis can not be ignored. In order to reduce the mental and psychological factors of patients, it is suggested that patients with chronic prostatitis should go to the urology department of the regular medical institutions in time, and if necessary, go to the psychiatry department for psychological evaluation.
At the same time of treatment, patients should keep a positive and optimistic mood and do well in self-psychological adjustment. Family members of patients should also help patients understand and treat the disease correctly by listening, encouraging, and comforting, so as to alleviate the depression and anxiety symptoms of patients.

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