Why Does Chronic Prostatitis Cause Psychoneurosis?

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According to the survey, the probability of mental disorders in patients with chronic prostatitis is significantly higher than that in healthy men. Most scholars think that more than 80% of the patients with chronic prostatitis will have some mental and psychological problems, of which 20% - 50% may be very serious.

The survey found that 51.1% ~ 84.3% of chronic prostatitis patients showed somatization, anxiety, phobia, psychosis-like symptoms and depression. Some scholars evaluated the Hamilton Depression Scale of chronic prostatitis patients and found that 33.2% of them had different degrees of anxiety and depression, and 6.2% of them even had a suicidal tendency.
Many investigations and a large number of clinical practice have proved that many chronic prostatitis patients have obvious changes in mental and psychological symptoms and personality characteristics.
About 24% of the patients had different degrees of anxiety, and 22% of the patients had depression. The main manifestations of depression are negative emotion, slow thinking, reduced language, and slow movement.
Before this, patients often have insomnia, fatigue, loss of appetite, low-efficiency performance. And anxiety will make patients have no reason for fear and mental tension, as well as no reason for palpitation, palpitation, chest distress, muscle tension, and even pain.

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