What Are the Causes of White Drops at the End of Urine?

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The white drops at the end of the urine is prostatic fluid, known as prostatic discharge or urethral discharge. Usually seen in young adult. It is because young adult have strong androgen secretion, which will result in a strong secretion function of the prostate and a large amount of prostatic fluid. Usually, during forceful defecation or urination, due to increased abdominal pressure, the prostate gland is compressed, causing prostatic fluid to flow out.


The appearance of prostatic fluid at the end of urine is also seen in the morning due to the involuntary erection of the penis at night, causing repeated congestion of the prostate, dilation of the glandular ducts, and the occurrence of prostatic discharge during morning urination. For prostate discharge, it may be caused by the functional change of the prostate, or it may be a signal of chronic prostatitis.

If the change is caused by prostatitis, the patient usually needs timely treatment. The treatment of Prostatitis should aim at the etiology. Prostatitis is divided into bacterial infection and non bacterial infection.

If caused by bacterial infection, the main symptoms include frequent urination, urgency, discomfort with perineal distension, and white discharge from the urethral opening. If it is Prostatitis caused by bacterial infection, antibiotics should be taken for treatment.

If it is Prostatitis caused by non bacterial infection, you can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat it. Its functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, diuresis, clearing gonorrhea, and promoting blood circulation and resolving blood stasis can eliminate various discomfort symptoms in patients.

In addition, patients also need to make corresponding lifestyle changes, such as quitting alcohol and spicy food. This type of food can stimulate the prostate, causing congestion of the prostate and causing the overflow of prostate fluid.

Also, avoid prolonged sitting or cycling. Because this type of behavior can cause compression of the prostate, causing prostate discharge. Also pay attention to local warmth preservation, as under cold conditions, prostate contraction can cause dilation of the glandular ducts, leading to prostate discharge.

Some other causes of white drops at the end of urine:

1. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs):

Urinary tract infection is one of the most common causes of white particles or sediment in urine. Bacteria, sometimes fungi, parasites, or viruses, can cause urinary tract infections, leading to the presence of white particles. Other symptoms of urinary tract infections may include pain or burning during urination, frequent urination, cloudy or discolored urine, and abdominal or pelvic pain.

2. Kidney stone disease:

The presence of white particles in urine may also be related to Kidney stone disease. When certain substances accumulate in the urinary tract, they can form hardened stones. These stones will appear as white particles during urination. Symptoms of Kidney stone disease may include severe abdominal or lower back pain, urgent need for urination, and fluctuating pain.

The white droplets at the end of urine may be a worrying symptom and may indicate a potential health condition. Therefore, obtaining accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment is crucial.

In conclusion, if you have white droplets at the end of urine accompanied by pain symptoms in the pelvic area or discomfort in urination, you may have chronic Prostatitis. And the treatment should be treated as chronic prostatitis.

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