Is It Normal to Have sperm crystals?

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Sperm is crucial in male fertility, it exists in semen, so the condition of semen has a very close relationship to the quality of sperm. If you find sperm crystals, is this normal? Will this cause infertility?

Normal semen is a mixture of sticky liquid, it is made by sperm and seminal plasma, the main ingredients of seminal plasma is the mixture of secreta from prostate, seminal vesicle, bulbourethral gland and etc.

Generally, semen is sticky and white, if a man didn't have ejaculation for a long time, then it can be light yellow and contain grey and white clots like crystals. This phenomenon is normal, but if the crystals keep the shape for too long time, the man may have non-liquefied semen.

Generally speaking, liquefaction of semen begins after 10 or 20 minutes, the normal time for the liquefaction should be within 30 minutes. If the semen stay white clots and there is no liquefaction, we can call it abnormal, so when judging the condition of semen if there is non-liquefied semen, results may be different for different situations.

For men have the problem of non-liquefied semen, the main causes are common disease like prostatitisSeminal Vesiculitis etc led by inflammation in urogenital system. They need to get treatments as soon as possible for it can decrease the quality of sperm and lead to infertility.

At the beginning, they can use some antibiotics, if they are failed to cure the disease or it develops to a chronic one, then they can choose Chinese herb medicines also, like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill
 which will not cause any drug resistance or side effect like antibiotics.

If the non-liquefied semen just lasts for a while, a man doesn't need to worry about it, for it is a normal phenomenon, just keep an eye on it will be ok. But if you wonder the phenomenon is caused by some diseases, then you are suggested to go to a formal hospital and get a semen routine examination to help you diagnose it.

Only by combining the condition of non-liquefied semen and other details can a man know if this phenomenon is normal or not correctly, for it can be treated normal from its traits, but it can also be abnormal if it takes too long time for the liquefaction.

If it is abnormal, this often relates to inflammation in urogenital system closely, for this situation, a patient should know the cause first, then get the most suitable and specific treatment. If antibiotics or Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is taken on time, more than 90 percent patients can be cured.