TCM is Proved to be Effective Cure for Seminal Vesiculitis

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When male body experience a resistance decrease, and is invaded by bacteria, viruses and pathogens, it can easily cause seminal vesiculitis. Seminal vesiculitis is one of the most common infectious diseases in men. The age of onset is mostly between 20 and 40 years old. The main clinical manifestations are hemospermia, but since there are acute and chronic cases, individual differences are great and clinical manifestations are different. Symptoms include:
1. Pain
In acute cases, lower abdominal pain is visible, involving the perineum and bilateral groins. Chronic patients may experience dull pain in the suprapubic region, accompanied by perineal discomfort. Pain symptoms are markedly exacerbated during ejaculation.
2. Frequency, urgency and pain of urine
Acute patients have obvious symptoms of urgency and pain in urine, and difficulty in urination sometimes. Chronic patients are marked by frequent urination, urgent urination, and urination discomfort, burning sensation when urinating.
3. Blood in semen
The semen is pink or red or with blood clots, hemospermia is more common among acute patients.
4. Other symptoms
There can be fever, chills and shiver, which are the systemic symptoms of acute seminal vesiculitis. Hematuria is also one of the manifestations of acute seminal vesiculitis. And 
ejaculation pain, low libido, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation are seen in chronic patients. The seminal vesicle inflammation will seriously affect the quality of sperm, so a man is diagnosed with seminal vesicle inflammation he must be treated in time. Usually most patients will choose antibiotics to treat.
Antibiotics have side effects such as damage to liver and kidney, which is not conducive to the health of patients. While natural medicine is made by herbal materials from different parts of plants, such as the leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and seeds, etc., so the side effects are almost zero,  causing no harm to patients.
In the view of TCM, the occurrence of seminal vesiculitis is mainly due to Qi and blood (two basic bodily fluids) stasis in the testis, and there is dampness and heat in the lower energizer. Therefore, the treatment of TCM is mainly focused on eliminating dampness and activating blood circulation, resolving hard lump, and treating manifestation while curing the disease from the root cause.
Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill, a patented prescription of TCM, has been proved to be effective to cure seminal vesiculitis from the root cause. It is based on the practically clinical experience of over 30 years by the chief doctor Dr.Lee.
Among the over 50 herbal ingredients, plantago seed, alfalfa, fringed pink, peach kernel, carthamus tinctorious, and houttuynia cordata, etc. not only play the role of antidote, but also can effectively remove the primary lesions, clear heat, detoxify, activate Qi and blood and disinhibit urine and free strangury.

These curative effects heal seminal vesiculitis, help patients to regulate Yin-Yang, so as to achieve the overall purpose of enhancing the physical health.