Food Prohibitions Of Seminal Vesiculitis

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Whenever we mention about diseases like seminal vesiculitis, we may consider about the treatments first. In fact, our eating habits are also important during the treatment. That is not to say the treatments are not essential. As is known to all, food can provide nutrition and energy to us, however, food can also make us feel worse at a specific situation, such as facing a disease. Therefore, it’s necessary for patients to pay more attention to the food prohibitions during the treatment of seminal vesiculitis.

Food that you should avoid during the treatment
1.Avoid drinking alcohol
In the acute phase, seminal vesiculitis patients have typical symptoms of ejaculating pain, blood in semen. Thus, patients need to avoid masturbation and sexual intercourse. Besides, patients should also avoid alcohol since it belongs to stimulating foods. It can cause the symptoms worsening.  

2. Avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods 
Spicy and stimulating foods like chili, pepper, ginger, garlic, onion, mustard, Chinese prickly ash should all be avoid. The stimulus can lead to the contraction of vascular wall so that the invasion of inflammation of virus will be increased. 

3.Avoid eating seafood
Small lobster, shrimp, crab, shell, and other seafood are belong to stimulating food. During the treatment, patients must eat less or avoid eating these foods, especially patients with allergic constitution or sensitive physique. 

4.Avoid eating fatty foods 
It’s difficult to digest if patients eat too much fatty foods during the treatment. It can increase the burden of stomach and intestinal track. Therefore, seminal vesiculitis patients should avoid eating fatty foods.

5.Avoid eating fried food and fruit that high in calories and sugar  
Since patients have symptoms of bleeding like blood in semen, it’s beneficial to avoid eating fruit that high in calories and sugar, such as longan, durian, litchi . In addition, in order to avoid the feeling of nausea after the medication, food that can cause the discomfort in the stomach should also be avoided. Thus, patients shouldn’t eat much fried food like fried chicken, French fries.

Except for the food prohibitions, patients should also attach importance to the medications. If antibiotics don’t have obvious improvement on the cure of seminal vesiculitis, patients can try herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It has proven to have good curative effect on curing the disease.